[arin-ppml] Change of Use and ARIN (was: Re: AFRINIC And The Stability Of The Internet Number Registry System)

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Thu Sep 9 23:14:34 EDT 2021

> Ted Mittelstaedt wrote :
> The simple reality is there's not enough IPv4 for everyone in the world to participate on the Internet.

20+ y/o FUD.

> People talk about "balkanization" of the Internet the reality is it's already happened.

Thanks to your misguided dream.

> The "haves" have IPv4.  The "have not's" have....nothing.

The "have not's are buying integers for $50 a pop, because it costs less than dual-stacking for 30 years.

> IPv6.  But the "haves" have made IPv6 worthless for internet access because they are
> too fragging lazy to learn anything about TCP/IP networking beyond

I am not lazy. I am not in the "haves"; I pay top dollar for buying integers that I don't even own.
I was on the 6bone. Some 20 years ago, I paid $500 to ARIN to have my own 16-bit ASN on my home aDSL because I wanted to be dual-homed IPv6 from HE and Viagenie tunnels.
I since released that ASN to ARIN and it has been re-allocated to someone else.

You simply don't understand jack about running a business. Dual-stacking for 25 years is not a solution, and is because the "haves not" are paying $50 an IPv4.

I have been listening to your broken record for more than 20 years. I retired IPX, Appletalk, Decnet, NetBeui, and a few I can't name.
It has become unwise to support IPv6 at this time. 20 years of supporting a protocol that was supposed to be the only one around 15 years ago does not look in your resume.

Oh, someone wants to ban me from this mailing list for saying out loud what everyone knows ? go ahead. Time works for me.
IPv6 is a failure that has lasted for the last 20 years. Go ahead, ban me. Don't ask me for a job when the folks with the money take over.


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