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I was also recalling that the AC was elected by membership as well, and I just found that in the PDP:

“To accomplish this goal, the PDP charges the member-elected ARIN Advisory Council (AC) as the primary facilitators of the policy development process with appropriate checks and balances on its performance in that role.”


So, I’m confused :-)

I also tried to find the voting process, and it looks like it is the same as for the Board, so only for members.

I am not certain of the source of your confusion – both the ARIN Board and ARIN AC are elected by the ARIN membership.

Note that, regarding the urgent policies and the non-ratification, I agree that is is something important to have *if* the community included that in the PDP itself (because I believe that the PDP must be also developed by the community, as any other “policy”). I believe that this is also one of the differences between ARIN and the other 4 RIRs, as in ARIN the PDP is not modified by the policy making process itself, unless I missunderstood it.

Yes, the ARIN Board of Trustees adopts the ARIN Policy Development Process. The most recent version of the ARIN PDP was adopted in January 2013 after a community consultation that took place on the arin-consult mailing list in 2012 -


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