[arin-ppml] AFRINIC And The Stability Of The Internet Number Registry System

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Sep 7 15:37:35 EDT 2021

In message <CAOacvLG_Rfz+ensLHV6_5mDG_-KqP25Dc-VDMui=jkXv512Pvw at mail.gmail.com>
Christian Orozco <chresgoro at gmail.com> wrote:

>You already pointed out that there are hundreds of companies and yet you
>still see CI's reach as "small." That simply does not sound right. You may
>also want to check the LARUS website for their customer reference (
>https://www.larus.net/customers) and cross-check the BGP. If you still
>believe that there is only one large company that CI serves, you must have
>not informed yourself well enough.

I never said that Cloud Innovation serves only one company.  I questioned
the assertion that it serves "millions", and I still do.

On the "customers" page you pointed me at, there are logos for only 86
companies, the vast majority I have never even heard of before, and
those company logos are *not* links so it would take some time even just
to verify that those 86 companies are even all real and actually existing.

I have certainly heard of KDDI, China Unicom, Baidu, and a few of the
other big ones, but anybody can put the logos of these companies on
their web site.  Can you show me where those three, in particular, are
getting service of some kind from Cloud Innovation?  Because I am
certainly not aware of that.

One of the companies named in on that page did jump out at me... Alson
Media.  Please correct if if I'm wrong, but that is an email marketing
company, right?  And that company uses a LOT of different domain names
and IP addresses in order to get around recipient-side spam filters, right?
(Some people refer to this as the "snowshoe" technique for evading spam

>Also, with your statement, are you implying that small entities are less
>important than large ones? And that there is nothing wrong in letting them

I never said that either.  Once again, I am simply questioning the assertion
that Cloud Innovation has "millions" of customers depending on them.  I just
don't see that assertion as being supported by the available facts, but I am
perfectly willing to be proven wrong by actual hard evidence... if you have
any such.


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