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My point about the agreements that were used in the auction were correct and “pointed” in that regard, because the whole process (and it was ongoing for at least six months before ARIN apparently got wind of it only after the auction concluded) transpired in complete ignorance of ARIN transfer policies.

We were informed because the proposed order would have ARIN update its registry database.  Whether the policies were followed or not in the proceedings before that time is fairly irrelevant, as compliance with the policies certainly became quite relevant from that point onwards.

Whatever you wrote below about the final agreements is not material, but we could get into the fact that the changes were basically non-functional buyer declarations and did not set any legal precedent. A discussion for another list, maybe?

Completely incorrect, as both Microsoft and the Nortel estate ultimately voluntarily agreed to modify the transaction consistent with ARIN's right to review and approve the transaction following ARIN's established policy – what had been sought and was _not_ achieved was some form of legal precedent that ARIN would have to update its registry contrary to community-developed policy.

Any transfers prior to Nortel were likely administrative or zero-cost because ARIN still had a free pool.

No idea, as ARIN does not seek such information during transfers.  Note that all of these pre-Nortel transfers are indeed in the statistics log if you care to review - https://account.arin.net/public/transfer-log

The first publicly costed transfer was the salient one, and it was Nortel,

Agreed that it was quite salient to the emergence of a “transfer market”, but then again having a transfer policy likely helped a bit (since the alternative could have paralyzed its development for years.)

and ARIN was a latecomer and not a catalyst.

<chuckle>  I don’t think ARIN ever intended to “catalyze a transfer market” – our goal was to enable transfers to occur and that was accomplished – way back in 2009…


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