[arin-ppml] Change of Use and ARIN (was: Re: AFRINIC And The Stability Of The Internet Number Registry System)

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Sun Sep 5 15:43:45 EDT 2021

>> Michel Py wrote:
>> The leasing thing makes it worse, though. Instead of having the recipient be accountable
>> for the use of these addresses, it shifts that to who leases them. It's a smoke screen.

> Owen DeLong wrote :
> How is this different from any other LIR? It’s a provider-assigned set of
> addresses, regardless of the financial and/or connectivity arrangement (or not)
> between the provider of the addresses and the customer using the addresses.

The timing, and the way business and justice work in other regions.

>> Michel Py wrote:
>> For historical purposes, was this set in motion by the Nortel / Microsoft thing in 2011 and made official by
>> the court order on April 6, 2011 ? I have no prior references. 10 years of IP market, how time passes.

> John Curran wrote :
> Not to quibble, but this was actually set in motion by the ARIN Board, AC, and community with the adoption in 2009
> of a specified transfer policy for the ARIN region.  Prior to that time, such an attempt to the registration of a
> entry in ARIN's database in a manner outside of policy would have been opposed in court (as it would otherwise deny
> this community the ability to establish policies for the administration of number resources in region.)

Oh I imagine it took a lot of back and forth between everyone, but it was the right thing to do. How long did it take between the time the process was initiated and the first justice decision ?

Not being directly involved, I was under the impression that the Nortel / Microsoft thing was some kind of a catalyst to making it happen.


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