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Folks -

We try to base policy changes in the ARIN region on a clear problem statement.  With respect to updates of existing number resources in the registry, the question to be asked is:

– What information (contacts, utilization) do I need updated on an ongoing basis from others (those with number resources in the ARIN registry) so that I can continue to reliably operate my part of the Internet?

Are you now in a position to tell the community which questions they should be asking on a particular topic? I thought we got to choose those for ourselves.

I’m not saying this is a bad place to start, but calling it “the question to be asked” seems a bit beyond your scope.

Owen -

Feel free to ignore them if you feel such a desire – it was provided solely as a way of pointing out that the question of what registry information needs to be updated for issued resources can be considered distinctly (if the community so desires) from the question of whether there should be policy constraints on the usage of number resources and/or requirements on adherence to the original remit for which they issued.

One could easily imagine an entire host of information update requirements to be put on those holding number resources, but it is also worth remembering that the Internet number registry system is an instantiation of a mutual cooperation model of the Internet operator community, and as such one must then qualify any requirements as follows:

– What level of cooperation in providing and updating information about my number resources am I willing to commit to (potentially in perpetuity) with the recognition that such cooperation would become required to continue to participate in the registry and continue to hold those rights?

I agree that this would be good practice and certainly facilitate better policy decisions, but I’m not convinced you are in a position to individually tell the community what to do here.

The ARIN community is certainly capable of deciding whether there is a problem here, and if so, whether it needs a policy change.   I did not assert there was a problem with current policy nor propose any solution.

These are not particularly complicated questions, but achieving a shared sense in the community about what is needed here (and thus a statement of the problem with current policy) is a definitely a non-trivial activity.    I leave it to those on this list to further consider the matter.

Personally, I think that in the ARIN region, the status quo is perfectly fine for now.

Good to know - thanks!

John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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