[arin-ppml] AFRINIC And The Stability Of The Internet Number Registry System

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On Thu, 2 Sep 2021, 13:35 Christian Orozco, <chresgoro at gmail.com> wrote:

>  AfriNIC has tried to stop the internet connectivity for those millions of
> users with complete disregard of the internet stability.

See below an extract from AFRNIC CEO message on the termination of CIL
which debunks your false claim above.



    In order not to disrupt Internet connectivity of the relevant users
   especially in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, all affected
   users will exceptionally be granted a grace period of 90 days to consider
   other available options in their best interests. Consequently, the actual
   reclamation of the relevant number resources will occur following the
   expiry of the grace period.

Eddy Kayihura
Chief Executive Officer,
African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC)

> have continued in the next paragraph that Cloud Innovation is using IP
> addresses in the US (i.e. ARIN region).

This is a fact and below is some of the data to backup Mr.John Curran valid

1. AS62587 QFISP LLC

*Country of Origin:United States*https://bgp.he.net/AS62587#_prefixes

2. AS40676 Psychz Networks

*Country of Origin:United States*https://bgp.he.net/AS40676#_prefixes


*Country of Origin:United States*https://bgp.he.net/AS40065#_prefixes

4. AS13768 Aptum Technologies

*Country of Origin:Canadahttps://bgp.he.net/AS13768#_prefixes
5. AS35916  MULTACOM CORPORATION and this USA company is the one using
bigger blocks leased to them by Cloud Innovation Ltd.

*Country of Origin:United States*https://bgp.he.net/AS35916#_prefixes

6. AS262167  Redcol S.A.

*Country of Origin: Chile  in South America*

Just random ones I could pick up since the list is long across multiple

So Mr.John Curran is 100% correct that your Cloud Innovation Afrinic
allocations are used in the USA as originated in the USA by above networks
which are USA based.

 Simply put, BGP data is undisputed.

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