[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2021-7: Make Abuse Contact Useful

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Owen -

Please keep your comments focused on the draft policy under consideration – as Jordi notes below, opining on events in the other regions isn’t particularly germane to this policy discussion.


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Of course, now that the board has chosen to ensure that the appeal committee can’t possibly be independent or fair and is just an extension of the board, I’m not sure what the point is, just let the board ratify or not as the appeal committee has been rejiggered to ensure that they will do whatever the board wants anyway. The level of corruption and disdain for the community and the multistakeholder process displayed by the current AFRINIC board is truly outrageous. Hopefully the next election will see a great deal of new blood seated.

[Jordi] While I don’t agree in many things with the board, and I expressed it publicly, regardless of what AC is there, the PDP has not been followed in order to make the appeal valid (and the time to re-appeal has passed). Anyway, this is a different discussion.

Following the PDP and/or the bylaws or CPM would be a novel approach for AFRINIC these days. As such, I have little hope in any form of predictable process, though I suspect the result is highly predictable, and in favor of a vocal minority segment of the community that seems to have taken effective control of the AFRINIC board and thus since the board appears to feel unconstrained by process, policy, or even the bylaws or the companies act, by extension, AFRINIC itself.
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