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Dan Alexander served on the ARIN board from 2018 through 2020.
> Ron Da Silva served on the ICANN board.
> Both have board experience. Both have extensive industry experience.

Ron da Silva served on the ICANN Board for two terms. While I'm under NDA
directly with ARIN and can't reveal any internal details about the process,
Ron was accepted by the ASO nomcom to run for a third term. He made it
through three rounds of in-depth interviews and was passed forward for a
vote by the entire ASO AC. He was not selected. I don't know how anyone but
myself voted. Without revealing how anyone voted I'd make an educated guess
and conclude it was because of the third term and being held by the ARIN
region. No holder of Seat 9 or 10 has been returned to ICANN for more than
two terms. Having a single region hold an influential seat for so long
(politics) can be considered problematic.

His current term is October 2015 – Annual General Meeting 2021.

Hope that helps.

Warm regards,

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