[arin-ppml] NomCom misbehavior

Paul Andersen - ARIN paul at arin.net
Sun Oct 10 07:59:55 EDT 2021

Hello PPML,
As this discussion unfolds I thought I would make a few clarifications given that the NomCom is formed by the Board. I understand that some members of the community may disagree with the outcome of the NomCom’s initial slate; however, an assertion of misbehavior suggests the NomCom acted out of scope of their charter and mandate or acted in bad faith.  
Based on the system in place and of which the community has been aware, the NomCom acted within its scope and performed its duties consistent with the parameters of its charter, Board guidance, and the Bylaws. The NomCom elected not to provide the optional explanatory statement to the candidates. The petitioners have exercised their right to ask the membership to add their name to the ballot. The petition process, while it is rare to be used, is there for this very purpose.
There are also suggestions which are being raised which I would suggest are better raised in other forums. First the election process is underway and it would be inappropriate for the organization to enter into any discussion during the election process. Also, this is starting to sway out of the scope of PPML and other avenues are available to members such as the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process (“ACSP") and the November ARIN Public Policy and Member’s Meeting.
Having said that, the Board will note these suggestions, and as is our normal process, add these to our annual review later this year of the election process. We thank those that have provided such suggestions.
As for an assertion of bad faith, that is a very serious allegation and one that should not be made lightly. Mere disagreement with the decision of the NomCom does not in and of itself mean there is misbehavior; so I would ask that the community focus its feedback and comments on constructive input. If any community member has a specific account of bad faith to relay, please communicate that directly to me and/or ARIN’s General Counsel.
Thank you,

Paul Andersen
Chair, ARIN Board of Trustees

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