[arin-ppml] NomCom misbehavior

Tom Samplonius tsamplonius at ubn.ca
Sun Oct 10 04:08:40 EDT 2021

> It is absurd to turn away qualified candidates and it is inappropriate for the nominating committee to
> endeavor to deprive the membership a greater choice of candidates. In essence, by limiting the slate
> to the minimum number of candidates (n+1 vs. open offices), the nominating committee has assured
> that they are able to, in effect, appoint most of their chosen candidates to the board while denying
> others the opportunity to compete absent the petition process.

  Strongly agreed.  The nomination process should approve all qualified nominees, and not be “guiding" nominees into positions.  Nor appear to be doing so.

  I’m involved with a nonprofit that overly guides the nomination process, reducing the choice to the members.  The reason given for these type of processes is always, “we have to do this to prevent bad people from getting on the board”, but unfortunately, doing this puts you into the “bad people” group.  And ultimately this behaviour creates an insular board detached from their own mission and members.

> As such, I encourage each and every voting representative seeing this message to support the petitions
> for both Dan Alexander and Ron Da Silva.

  Agreed.  Support submitted.


> Owen


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