[arin-ppml] NomCom misbehavior

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Sat Oct 9 17:37:10 EDT 2021

Apologies for posting here, but since arin-discuss is dead and based on John’s recent expansion of the scope
of PPML, I think it is the most appropriate place to post.

As I understand it, the Nominating Committee has turned down several candidates for BoT in the upcoming
election, among them Ron Da Silva and Dan Alexander, both of who are clearly qualified and legitimate
candidates for the board.

For two open positions, the Nominating committee chose to select just three candidates for the slate.

It is absurd to turn away qualified candidates and it is inappropriate for the nominating committee to
endeavor to deprive the membership a greater choice of candidates. In essence, by limiting the slate
to the minimum number of candidates (n+1 vs. open offices), the nominating committee has assured
that they are able to, in effect, appoint most of their chosen candidates to the board while denying
others the opportunity to compete absent the petition process.

As such, I encourage each and every voting representative seeing this message to support the petitions
for both Dan Alexander and Ron Da Silva.

Further, I hope the board will admonish the nominating committee for taking this action and revise
the nominating committee guidelines to prevent such in appropriate behavior in the future.


	1.	Nominating committee must recruit at least 2n candidates where n is the number
		of seats available for a given election.

	2.	Nominating committee may not deny candidates without cause.

	3.	Nominating committee must provide an explanation for their denial to each and
		every candidate denied. It is up to the candidate whether or not to make that
		explanation public.

	4.	Nominating committee must provide the same explanations for any denied candidates
		to the board for their consideration.

	5.	A simple majority of quorum vote of the board shall be sufficient to place any
		denied candidate on the initial slate without requiring qualification by petition.


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