[arin-ppml] Nomcom rejection explanatory letter

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
Thu Nov 4 12:37:32 EDT 2021

Hello list,

I received the explanation for my exclusion from this year's AC slate. 

For those who believe this explanation provides any transparency, I post it in its totality below to disabuse them of that notion.

Required explanations don't move the needle at all in attempting to improve the nominations process. 

Perhaps all it would take would be a simple change to the charging language to instruct the nomcom not to exclude candidates who are qualified and include those minimum qualifications?



Dear Mr. Burns,

The ARIN Nomination Committee (NomCom) is in receipt of your request for an explanatory statement on the reasons why you were not included on the Advisory Council candidate slate for the 2021 ARIN Elections. The ARIN NomCom reviewed all duly submitted and timely nominations and the materials provided by the nominees. The NomCom’s robust deliberation process was informed by the diversity of perspectives and experience among NomCom Members and strong adherence to the mandate and terms of reference. 

Various factors were considered including, but not limited to, experience, involvement in the ARIN community, and responses to the nominee questionnaires.  After careful and thoughtful review of each nominee, it was decided to not put your Advisory Council nomination forward onto the initial slate of candidates this year.  

Catherine Middleton
Chair, ARIN Nomination Committee 2021
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