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Wed Jun 23 12:39:11 EDT 2021

In accordance with the Policy Development Process (PDP), the Advisory Council met on 17 June 2021.


The AC has advanced the following to the Board of Trustees for review:


* ARIN-edit-2020-11: Add Textual Description for the Number Resource Hierarchy Image in Section 2


The AC has abandoned the following Draft Policy:


* ARIN-2020-10: Removal of Requirement to Demonstrate Utilization of Reassignments and Reallocations for ISPs Seeking Initial Allocation from ARIN


The AC issued the following statement:


"The AC has abandoned ARIN 2020-10 for lack of interest from the community. This proposal came about as a result of an experience report, indicating the difference that exists for organizations receiving their first direct allocations/assignments from ARIN when they have reassignments/reallocations from an upstream provider vs those orgs that do not have any space reassigned/reallocated to them. The proposal was presented at the last ARIN meeting, and brought to the community on PPML. We have not heard from members of the community indicating that this is a real problem that they face and that needs to be resolved. For this reason we have decided to abandon ARIN 2020-10."


Anyone dissatisfied with this decision may initiate a petition. The deadline to begin a petition will be five business days after the AC's draft meeting minutes are published.


The AC is continuing to work on:


Draft Policies:


* ARIN-2020-6: Allowance for IPv4 Allocation “Swap” Transactions via 8.3 Specified Transfers and 8.4 Inter-RIR Transfers

* ARIN-2021-2: Special Use IPv4 Space Out of Scope for Purposes of Determining Waitlist Eligibility


Editorial Changes


* ARIN-edit-2020-9: Editorial Clean-up of NRPM Section 4 and Related Provisions

* ARIN-edit-2021-1: ASN Clarifications to Sections 2 and 8


The PDP can be found at:



Draft Policies and Proposals under discussion can be found at:





Sean Hopkins

Senior Policy Analyst

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)



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