[arin-ppml] AFRINIC And The Stability Of The Internet Number Registry System

Noah noah at neo.co.tz
Sun Aug 29 06:04:33 EDT 2021

On Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 7:44 PM Lu Heng <h.lu at anytimechinese.com> wrote:

> Cloud innovation accounts for 80% of all AFRINIC whois updates in 2021
> to date and in AFRINIC whois,

Look dude, when your current business model is that of leasing IPv4 as a
product in themself by dashing out LOA's all over the place while
pretending to be a mini-RIR, then you certainly will spend 99% of the time
updating the whois for every LOA you dash out per prefixes you lease all
over the globe.

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