[arin-ppml] Last Call - Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2020-2: Reinstatement of Organizations Removed from Waitlist by Implementation of ARIN-2019-16

Brandt, Jason jason.brandt at pearlcompanies.com
Thu Oct 22 09:50:44 EDT 2020

It has nothing to do with current allocations or shortages.  It has everything to do with proper application of current policy and honoring existing policy when changes are made.  How would you like to stand in line at the store with your groceries for an hour, then be told you can't have that many items and go to the back of the line since they just changed their policy?  It's not a fair application.  These organizations followed the rules that were there at the time and did everything they were supposed to, and were APPROVED to wait for the next available allocation.  Then due to a policy change they were later removed from the list and told to apply again.  When you have policies, they need to be honored as written, and changes made need to be applied moving forward, and not retroactively.

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What is this ?

People coming to support this just because they see a opportunity to get a few more space for their own organizations and not because this is a fair and equitable to all existing and potential members of the Internet Community.?

Everybody that operates in the Internet Business depends on IPv4 allocations and they are not available anymore. This shortage is equal to anyone and some still wishing to receive a little chunk of addresses despite the situation that affects all ?
What is the justification to give some organizations who already have some reasonable space to work with, more space in current times ? I see this as privileging few rather than been equalized to all others.

So why I always opposed this proposal.

On 22/10/2020 09:51, Jon Bachtold wrote:
I fully support this policy as written, I appreciate how the ARIN staff has determined this issue a definite oversight and has determined to quickly remedy.

As a Regional ISP, we live and breathe on IPV4 allocations and responsible allocations to our customers.   I am impressed by the tremendous response of colleagues, partners, employees, customers, and competitors of Stratus in reaction to this.  That tells me that they all had the same reaction when they were advised of the situation, disappointment, and dare I say some outrage.

Equally, I am impressed that ARIN staff responded so quickly, and they look to remedy the situation quickly,  preventing any tarnish to the reputation that it has achieved as a fair and equitable manager of such a constrained resource.

Kudos to ARIN Staff, and Encore!

Jon Bachtold
Chief Technology Office
Central IL Regional Broadband Network

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