[arin-ppml] Inter-RIR transfer Policy compatibility with Afrinic_Resource Transfer Policy proposal

Mueller, Milton L milton at gatech.edu
Wed Oct 14 15:16:07 EDT 2020

>I think it is questions of process, how would we feel if AFRINIC commented on one of our policies on >their policy list?

Is this a serious question?
How would I feel? I’d feel perfectly fine.

>Further, a staff evaluation is a formal process because generally, RIR staff don't comment about a policy proposal except through such a formal evaluation. There are very good reasons, staff evaluations go through a formal process, staff should only plan a very limited roll in the formation of RIR policy.  Yes, in some situations this is inconvenient, but there is a strong reason for this inconvenience, and why there is a PDP.

Sorry, David, I am still waiting for a serious answer to my question why a staff evaluation needs to be hidden. I’ll check the pile of emails that has come in afterwards to see if anyone comes up with a better one.

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