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1. Does the policy impose any conditions on recipient organizations in the ARIN region receiving transfers from AFRINIC-served entities?

No. The final version of this proposal indicates clearly that no condition will be imposed on the recipient’s organization in other regions, which obviously also applies to the case of ARIN.

Anthony -

We’re having trouble now reconciling your response above (regarding conditions of recipient organizations in the ARIN region) with the following statement in the provided policy text –

"   The recipient must be an AFRINIC or any RIR member, legacy holders in any region”

The way the policy text is written makes it very challenging to determine what criteria are to be applied by AFRINIC versus criteria that are to be applied to organizations served by other RIRs, and that was the reason for our two questions about regarding conditions to be imposed on ARIN-region organizations.   Our plain reading of suggests that it would need to be applied by ARIN to ARIN-region recipients.

If this is the case, then the proposed policy is not compatible with ARIN’s NRPM 8.4 requirements for compatible transfer policies – as ARIN would need to (despite your earlier response) apply this “member legacy holder” criteria when processing requests by ARIN customers to receive number resources via InterRIR transfer from AFRINIC-served customers.

I will observe that there is a real risk of incompatibility when RIRs write specific policy criteria to be applied by other RIRs; in this case, it is worth noting that not all ARIN customers are members or legacy resource holders, and thus the proposed policy as written would not be available to a significant portion of the ARIN community.  (This conflict also points out the value of staff involvement in formal review of proposed InterRIR transfer policies, as there are many details that need to align for smooth transfer processing.)


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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