[arin-ppml] Inter-RIR transfer Policy compatibility with Afrinic_Resource Transfer Policy proposal

Gregoire EHOUMI gregoire.ehoumi at yahoo.fr
Tue Oct 13 00:24:05 EDT 2020

Hi John,

Thank you for these 2 questions which help on how ARIN staff evaluate Inter-RIR transfer.

As a co-author of one of 3 proposals on AFRINIC inter-RIR transfer, I believe that authors should not send a request to ARIN staff since the AFRINIC PDP process in section 3.4.1 extract below, only recognizes requests made through the WG chairs to AFRINIC staff for such clarifications.

"The Working Group Chair(s) may request AFRINIC to provide an analysis (technical, financial, legal or other), of the impact of the draft policy proposal."

Best regards, 

Gregoire Ehoumi

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