[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN 2020-3

scott at solarnetone.org scott at solarnetone.org
Mon Oct 12 19:43:32 EDT 2020

Hi Andrew,

>> This applies, however, only to those who do not subscribe to the
>> Registration Services Plan, if I understand correctly, as subscribing
>> to said plan converts one from End User to ISP automatically. 
>> Needless to say, there are organizations that are end users by
>> functional definition here, but subscribe to the service plan, and/or
>> choose to be an ISP for other reasons.
> My understanding is that subscribing to 'Registration Services Plan'
> does not change you from an end-user to ISP, it just gives you access to
> the services available under that plan and the resulting fee schedule. 
> You can presumably decide to go back to classic 'pay by the resource
> option' as an end-user if you didn't need the extra services or
> preferred the alternate fee calculation.

>From https://www.arin.net/resources/fees/fee_schedule subsection 'End 
Users with Registration Services Plan':  "Organizations that choose to 
convert to the Registration Services Plan will be evaluated as an ISP from 
a policy perspective when requesting future Internet number resources from 
ARIN."  While this _may_ be intended to indicate that they will be billed 
based on the ISP fee schedule for additional resources, it in effect can 
(and may be intended to) indicate that in all number policy related 
matters, they will be viewed as an ISP.


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