[arin-ppml] Inter-RIR transfer Policy reciprocity with Afrinic_Resource Transfer Policy proposal

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Mon Oct 12 13:40:55 EDT 2020

On 12 Oct 2020, at 1:15 PM, Mueller, Milton L <milton at gatech.edu<mailto:milton at gatech.edu>> wrote:

John I do not understand why ARIN is being so inhospitable in this case.
Obviously there is uncertainty and misunderstandings could be avoided if the discussion takes place in the open. Staff determinations also need to be accountable to the ARIN members and community.

Milton -

I am fairly certain you did not understand my response, as the intent was not to be inhospitable but rather the precise opposite.

While the normal process for this sort of activity would be for AFRINIC team to reach out for an assessment from ARIN staff, we are more than happy to accommodate discussion here on ppml…

In fact, that is the reason for my questions back to the authors – to help elaborate how ARIN staff assesses these situations “out in the open” (as you put it), as that may also help others when working on similar types of proposals, as well as informing the ARIN community of our consideration process.


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