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Fri Jan 3 16:42:29 EST 2020

The minutes from the ARIN Advisory Council's 19 December 2019 meeting 
have been published:


Regarding  Draft Policy ARIN-2019-18, the AC has released the following 

"At its monthly meeting on December 19 2019, the ARIN AC voted 
unanimously to abandon ARIN-2019-18: LIR/ISP Re-Assignment to 
Non-Connected Networks.

At the public policy meeting at ARIN 44 and on PPML, there was near 
universal opposition to expanding demonstrated need to encompass 
acquiring more space for the purposes of leasing it decoupled from any 
requirement for the lessor to be providing connectivity services. 
Reasons for opposition included that this would facilitate creating a 
class of "number resource landlords" as well as the observation that 
this would essentially constitute an end run around any sort of 
accountability for demonstrated need in the actual user of the number 
resources.  A distinction was drawn between leasing addresses that an 
organization already has (which received somewhat more support on the 
basis of whois accuracy and the observation that it is happening anyway) 
and allowing leased-without-a-connectivity-contract space to count as 
justification to acquire more space.

In the shepherds' opinion there is more work to be done in this space, 
particularly surrounding accommodating financing for organizations that 
are unable to afford cash on the barrelhead for number resources. We 
enthusiastically solicit the community for new proposals that might 
address these issues."

The petition deadline for this Draft Policy is 8 January 2020 (in five 
calendar days).

For more information on starting and participating in petitions, see:


Draft Policy and Proposal texts are available at:



Sean Hopkins
Policy Analyst
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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The AC has abandoned the following Draft Policy:

* ARIN-2019-18: LIR/ISP Re-Assignment to Non-Connected Networks

Regarding ARIN-2019-18, the AC statement is forthcoming.

Anyone dissatisfied with these decisions may initiate a petition. The 
deadline to begin a petition will be five business days after the AC's 
draft meeting minutes are published.

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