[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-18: LIR/ISP Re-Assignment to Non-Connected Networks

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
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Hi Bill,


Off the top of my head…

There are many temporary needs that can be best met by leasing. Company transitions, renumbering, time-limited projects.

Sometimes a company wants to test market an area.

Geolocation needs, some companies need a presence in multiple locations and leasing is easier than dealing with multiple RIRs.

Many lessees need to rotate their addresses for nefarious and less-nefarious reasons.

Some can’t afford to purchase addresses upfront.

There are leases of blocks smaller than /24, although these do involve virtual circuits.

There are business cases where leasing is better than purchasing, for example when there is a lot of uncertainty.

Leasing is faster and easier than acquiring blocks from RIRs.

Span-regional needs for addresses.

And of course those who need addresses but can’t meet ARIN’s (or APNIC, LACNIC, AFRINIC) justification requirements.


I am not sure that leasing addresses involves more money than acquiring them from ARIN, unless it’s from the waiting list.

In many cases it’s less upfront money.


There are enough need cases to support a growing lease market, the evidence of the need is contained in the presence of the market. Search the internet for IPv4 leasing to confirm this market exists and you can be sure that the need for this service also exists.  


We all know that creating a virtual circuit for fig-leaf purposes is very simple if one wants to do leasing and still be policy compliant.

So we have a need and little in policy to prevent the need from being addressed. Why not lift our heads from the sand and create policy to make sure that registration is part of this market? Conservation, our other goal, is handled by the mechanism of price.










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Businesses have a need to lease IPv4 space for limited periods of time, 
as evidenced by a robust (technically prohibited) subleasing market. The 
lack of legitimization of the subleasing market hinders innovation, 
research, reporting, and the development of rules/industry best 
practices to ensure identifiability and contactability.


Devil's advocate: *should* the subleasing market be marginalized and illegitimate? What is it about the behavior of organizations leasing IP addresses absent network service which is not basically doing ARIN's job but for more money and with less oversight? 


Serious question; not meant to be rhetorical. I want to hear what sort of address leasing independent of connectivity is not the job ARIN is tasked with.



Bill Herrin




William Herrin

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