[arin-ppml] [Ext] [FEEDBACK] Anyone else notice that the base whois are not getting maintained well lately?

Michael Peddemors michael at linuxmagic.com
Tue Oct 22 20:49:17 EDT 2019

Okay, another case of me rushing emails, and not being clear enough.

First of all, the 'whois' protocol, in spite of all the talk of RDAP, is 
still a highly used protocol worldwide.  But for the most part, this was 
designed before IP run out and the creation of so many cases of 
inter-RIR transfers.

Traditionally, whois clients used static lists of 'guesses' for which 
ranges should be looked up via which RIR, so people didn't have to try 
all of them via the -h option.

Eg... https://github.com/rfc1036/whois/blob/next/ip_del_list

There should be some common and easy way that 'whois' clients can access 
an up to date listing of what ranges are controlled by which RIR's.

Eg the previously mentioned 'whois' defaults to assuming 
it is still controlled by APNIC, when in reality this was transferred to 
ARIN.  Or some of the /16's that haved been moved inter RIR.

Just a suggestion, a central place where RIR's can register inter RIR 
transfers, so that 'whois' clients 'hints' files can easily be updated.

	-- Michael --

On 2019-10-22 7:08 a.m., Leo Vegoda wrote:
> On 10/21/19, 4:35 PM, "ARIN-PPML on behalf of Michael Peddemors" wrote:
> [...]
>> You would think that if this has been transferred to ARIN back in 2017,
>> that the standard 'whois' commands would by now return more recent
>> information.
> I suggest using RDAP as the least hassle way of having a client follow a chain and get you the result you want.
> Kind regards,
> Leo Vegoda

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