[arin-ppml] [FEEDBACK] Anyone else notice that the base whois are not getting maintained well lately?

Tom Samplonius tsamplonius at ubn.ca
Mon Oct 21 19:56:44 EDT 2019

> whois
> % [whois.apnic.net


> Comments?  (Yes, correct information can be gained from visiting the appropriate RIR site, but the main database should have correct information as well)

  There is no “main" database.  Your whois client decided to use whois.apnic.net <http://whois.apnic.net/>.  Since the block is now at ARIN, you will have to query the ARIN WHOIS database.  Mostly likely your whois client needs to be run with “-h whois.arin.net <http://whois.arin.net/>” to get the answer you are looking for, but there are a lot of different whois clients out there.  And a lot of different whois servers.


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