[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-18: LIR/ISP Re-Assignment to Non-Connected Networks

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
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Hi Ralph,


I threw a /21 back in the swamp myself and I think you are right about this discussion being circular. 😉

Yes, I voluntarily returned them. Wonder if that makes my arguments any better…






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Due to our not knowing that ARIN recently changed its policy on allocating additional address space, we are unable to get a subnet to handle our growth (missed the cut off by 10 days).  We recently acquired a company that gets its space from another provider, but we need additional space to service its customers as well as for our own growth.  We have tried to be good “citizens” in the past by not requesting more than we could justify at the time, but now it appears we have shot ourselves in the foot.  I threw a /24 back in The Swamp 20+ years ago, because it was right.  I don’t feel badly about that, however.  Now we are faced with considering using a broker to acquire the additional space as ARIN cannot meet our needs.  IPv6 is good, but we are dealing with organizations that a) don’t have the expertise to manage it, or b) aren’t in the position to acquire new hardware and c) other considerations.  I’m not speaking of small outfits, but large organizations entrenched in the v4 world—"years of tradition unhampered by progress”.  I don’t have a lot of hair to lose and going the “educate the customer” route is getting old.  “We can’t do v6 so we’ll look elsewhere for a provider that can give us the v4 space we need.”


I think the current discussion is circular and may not lead towards a consensus. 




**unused space** - that's the term to look at.
While there are plenty of organizations in the waiting list patiently waiting to get addresses they are able to justify there are others with unused space just willing to speculate them and rent totally bypassing the waiting list.
Perhaps the community at some point may reach consensus on a specific policy to revoke these unused space from these organizations and put them back into the waiting list. It would certainly cost much less than having to pay for leases. No courts in the world where a contract is respected would object to such a policy.

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