[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-18: LIR/ISP Re-Assignment to Non-Connected Networks

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
Tue Oct 1 13:36:38 EDT 2019

Jim wrote:
I am opposed to proposal that ARIN should in general be facilitating
being able to obtain from ARIN   permanent allocations made to
support  temporary use for non-connected networks.    It sounds like
creating an inviting environment for potential spammers and fraud, and
LIRs/ISPs should not be involved in this.

Hi Jim,

More hand-waving about spam and fraud that doesn't exist and ignoring the
obvious need that does exist. A market has arisen to meet the need, that
proves the need exists. A google search confirms this for everybody.  But
the environment you exists and has not generated spam and fraud.

This is why I point to RIPE. They have what you refer to as "policy
facilitating enties being able to obtain from (the RIR) permanent
allocations made to support temporary use for non-connected networks." You
say this will create an inviting environment for more of the spooky
consequences I have heard about for almost 10 years now. Spooky consequences
absent from RIPE. Or can you find them there?

Can it be more clear?  RIPE has had NO NEEDS TEST FOR YEARS.  We have
performed the experiment, why ignore the results?
If I want to become a Lessor, yet another reason to incorporate in Europe, I
guess. There is no restriction in RIPE in the purchasing of addresses for
the purpose of leasing them out, nor for the leasing part. 
A recipe for registry-shopping and address-flight.


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