[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-19: Require IPv6 Before Receiving Section 8 IPv4 Transfers

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Thu Nov 14 23:14:15 EST 2019

Hi Owen,

> Owen DeLong wrote :
> You seem to be assuming he’s in the internet business. He made it pretty clear he’s talking from
> the enterprise perspective where the internet isn’t the revenue generating portion of the business,
> but merely one of the many tools used by the business to accomplish its revenue goals.

Indeed. The Internet is not the same thing as the Internet business. There is no Internet without customers. Some customers, such as the mobile market and the low-end residential market can be forced into IPv6 because they control nothing, but the enterprise market is not subject to this. The enterprise adoption is a trickle, for reasons I have explained publicly for years.

I'm sorry to say it bluntly, but the enterprise business is about making money, not saving the world from an impending doom that has not happened. I say it again : the problem of IPv6 is that it is a solution to a problem that I do not have.

Owen, remember the last time we presented together. LSPE. I took the mike from you and I when we presented at Yahoo HQ. It was 6 years ago.

6 years ago, you thought that I was full of it. We had a couple beers and you respectfully dismissed me as an IPv4-only crackpot.
With you, I do not seek revenge. You are a formidable opponent and I respect you as such, but look back in the past.
6 years ago, when we shared a couple beers on stage. I told you so. You did not listen. You were wrong.

> I disagree with Michel in a number of areas. He and I have had frank discussions about this.
> However, the points he raises are legitimate and we ignore or dismiss them at our peril.

I am glad you realize the peril part of it. 6 years ago, you never thought I would be challenging you publicly on this. 6 years ago, you would not even have considered the possibility that we would have this talk on this mailing list.

There is one more thing you should realize about enterprise business : they like people who have been steady in predicting the future.
I'm on track.


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