[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-19: Require IPv6 Before Receiving Section 8 IPv4 Transfers

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Thu Nov 7 04:01:55 EST 2019

Hi Michel,

I'm not sure if this is a love or a war declaration ... below ...

El 7/11/19 4:08, "Michel Py" <michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us> escribió:

    I wanted to close the day on a positive note.
    > Jordi wrote :
    > I buy you a dinner if not, even in one of the Michelin restaurants in Madrid if you want!
    These are not acceptable terms. I buy. You come to California :P

No problem! Let's fix the date. 25th July 2021, San Francisco, taking advantage that I will be there for the IETF meeting. I've already booked my flight. I just need to renew my ESTA.
    For the PPML readers :
    Jordi and I have met, several times. 20 years ago, I think we could have been called friends.

-> Mmmm ... I'm starting to believe that I need to choose better my friends! ;-)

    People, I have to say this : Jordi is not human. In his back, 20 years ago, there was some debate about what Jordi was.

-> Damn ! Now you have publicly announced my age ! or maybe only of one of my interplanetary clones ...

    A droid, an extra-terrestrial, a combination of both.
    Jordi does not sleep. Jordi does not eat. Jordi does not drink.
    All that Jordi does is to promote IPv6. Jordi is the most valuable asset in the world to the IPv6 camp.

-> Untrue ... I advocate for many good causes, not just IPv6, even if they look lost ones! Just look at my policy proposals in all the RIRs. They are not just related to IPv6. I just try to fix every possible problem without a rest!

    This is not 3rd degree humor. This is a direct compliment. Both of us have the handicap of English not being our native language.

-> This is the love declaration part!

    Jordi and I had a few regrettable non-professional exchanges, but I does not erase the profound respect I have for him.

-> People outside this community may think we all are in war ! but we all know that we love and care each other, and we do this battles in a cooperation spirit, and we all come to an agreement at the end, even if it takes improper words and a lot of time, but we all do for the good cause of having a better Internet, and if you allow me, a better world, even much more, a better universe! I need to keep the Internet open and with sufficient addresses for my clones to keep coming in from the distant stars!

    That being said, Jordi, with all due respect, I will not hesitate to get you out of messing my ecosystem. We once shared the same goal. The difference between you and me is that what we once both sought has not happened.
    IPv4 is not over. Regrettably, I may have to figuratively kill you over it.
    Concede, or die. This ARIN proposal you are supporting is not honorable.
    This proposal sucks. It's all about cooking numbers.
    I respect who you were, 20 years ago. Supporting this proposal is not honorable, it's just about making a buck.

-> If we, as a community not keep pushing, governments will do. In their own way. And I don't support that way now, but I will support it if we don't react, because one of the key governments mandate is protecting citizens, even against private organizations that want to keep deploying IPv4 translators, which means making applications and Internet more expensive to all.
    Jordi, this is not you. Please come to your senses. Our plan has failed. Please. This is not the IETF.
    Wake up. It is never too late.
-> I'm confused now, if I don't sleep ...?
    When this is over, please come drink my wine. I have been saving a very expensive bottle for you.

-> IPv4 is over. Remember this date. 2024 will be the year where some organizations will start dropping customers that don't want to turn on IPv6 and disable IPv4 in the access networks (not yet in the LANs, in general). Those customers are no longer profitable, they are just an expense. In fact, we should aim, as a community (RIRs, IETF, ICANN), to do as much as we can to start sunseting IPv4 now.

    I was thinking inviting Owen and John to share it, but the Yankees don't understand wine.
    We'll drink the good stuff and have them drink the two buck chuck.

IPv4 is over
Are you ready for the new Internet ?
The IPv6 Company

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