[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-19: Require IPv6 Before Receiving Section 8 IPv4 Transfers

Steven Ryerse SRyerse at eclipse-networks.com
Wed Nov 6 17:03:15 EST 2019

I agree with David.

The Internet grew because folks could decide best how to use it.  Trying to force IPv6 is opposite of what made the Internet a great place to begin with.  We have had IPv6 for many years but I’ve yet to have a customer ask specifically for it.  As IPv6 continues to grow in support, I’m sure we will which is why we have it.


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I oppose this policy.

I'm not convinced of the efficacy of this policy, the policy's ability to produce its intended or desired result. I presume the intended result is to increase the deployment of IPv6. I'm not convinced that creating artificial hurdles for IPv4 will increase the deployment of IPv6 in any way. If the natural hurdle of having to go to the market to get IPv4 isn't enough to convince people to deploy IPv6, why would this artificial hurdle convince them? Given human nature, if this policy goes forward, I expect many people will turn on IPv6 to complete their IPv4 transfer and then simply turn IPv6 off again, the end result does nothing for IPv6 deployment. Further, I suspect this policy is more likely to antagonize people against deploying IPv6 more than it is will incentivize them toward deploying IPv6.

Please let's not go in this direction.


On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 11:55 AM ARIN <info at arin.net<mailto:info at arin.net>> wrote:
On 1 November 2019, the ARIN Advisory Council (AC) accepted
"ARIN-prop-278: Require IPv6 Before Receiving Section 8 IPv4 Transfers"
as a Draft Policy.

Draft Policy ARIN-2019-19 is below and can be found at:


You are encouraged to discuss all Draft Policies on PPML. The AC will
evaluate the discussion in order to assess the conformance of this draft
policy with ARIN's Principles of Internet number resource policy as
stated in the Policy Development Process (PDP). Specifically, these
principles are:

* Enabling Fair and Impartial Number Resource Administration
* Technically Sound
* Supported by the Community

The PDP can be found at:

Draft Policies and Proposals under discussion can be found at:


Sean Hopkins
Policy Analyst
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Draft Policy ARIN-2019-19: Require IPv6 Before Receiving Section 8 IPv4

Problem Statement:

On 7 May 2007 the ARIN Board unanimously passed an IPv6 resolution. In
2011, the last /8 blocks were assigned to the RIR’s and has now been
over 4 years since the IPv4 free pool was exhausted at ARIN.

Now is the time for ARIN to require those who receive transferred IPv4
space to have in place an operational IPv6 network.

Policy statement:

In section 8.5.2, add the following language to the end of the paragraph
entitled “Operational Use”:

Such operational network must at minimum include an allocation or
assignment by ARIN of IPv6 address space under the same Org ID receiving
the transferred IPv4 space. Such Org must be able to prove this IPv6
space is being routed by using it to communicate with ARIN.

In the event the receiver provides a written statement from its upstream
that IPv6 connectivity is unavailable, the IPv6 requirement may be waived.

Timetable for Implementation: Upon Passage

Anything Else:

The following was included in the IPv6 resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED, that this Board of Trustees hereby requests the ARIN
Advisory Council to consider Internet Numbering Resource Policy changes
advisable to encourage migration to IPv6 numbering resources where possible.

This proposal is part of an effort to encourage migration to IPv6.
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