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Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
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Hi Scott,


I would draft a policy in order to foster discussion, but I’m not sure I would approve it myself yet.

The concept would benefit from more discussion; it’s half-baked.


Can I get assurance that a lease policy would be within our scope as policymakers from a person better positioned to make the call?





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Hi Scott and Fernando,


Thank you for the change of subject and the discussion.


For the present, we should have a policy that recognizes legitimate leasing types (LOA, VPN) and requires the same sorts of assignment and delegation records commonly done by ISPs for their customers.

It should recognize that blocks can be legitimately advertised under un-related ASNs with a valid Letter of Authorization, which must contain certain information.

It could have a process for identifying ARIN members who are participating in a lease policy violation, for notifying them, and for potentially punishing them under RSA terms.


I would support such a policy. Would you be interested in drafting it?


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