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Ronald - 
ARIN requires the verification of organization as an active, legally registered business, in good standing, within the ARIN region.   This does involved confirming the the incorporation of the business against the state business registry in the state provided by the applicant.  We do not presently check whether the organization has registered in any other states to conduct business, nor do we restrict an organization or its points of contact from changing their postal address as desired. 
John Curran 
President and CEO 
American Registry for Internet Numbers 

As far as verifying the organization is legally registered, I think that's all ARIN should do.   John, as you point out, it's not much of a deterrent to fraud to require foreign registration in other states where the org has a presence since it's so easy to do.  

Furthermore, I don't really see the point of checking other state registrations.  Maybe some states require it if you've got a physical presence there or employees there (though most states are pretty ambiguous about their exact requirements for this - a mail drop may not require it).  But lots of businesses don't bother to register in every state outside of their main state of incorporation, and that doesn't make them any less of an active, legally registered business.

Should ARIN also check that orgs file timely tax returns?  And put up posters explaining employees' rights under Worker's Comp Insurance?  Businesses are supposed to do this, but if they don't they can still be a legally registered business with a justifiable need for number resources.  ARIN is a regional internet numbers registry, not a governmental code enforcement agency.
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