[arin-ppml] Of interest?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sat May 18 17:26:59 EDT 2019

In message <F824684A-AF45-45D2-9398-57175F9C494A at arin.net>, 
John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

>>  So I guess that I have no choice but to try to
>> draft a formal proposal on the matter and formally submit it.  That's
>> a pity.  I hoped that it wouldn't need to come to that, and that the
>> obvious reasonableness and desirability of doing these simple checks 
>> would be enough to cause you and your staff to make it happen.  But
>> apparently not.  So I'll go the formal mandate route.  I shouldn't have
>> to, but I will.
>Ronald, you suggest that you shouldn't have to, but that neglects the
>fact that others might want to comment before ARIN changes operational
>practices, and there is a process for such.  For example, you'd probably
>like to know if ARIN were going to reverse its position on reviewing
>organizational incorporation papers rather than having me simply make that
>change without warning, the same goes for others who might want to comment
>on your suggestion.   

Those are entirely fair points John, and you're absolutely right.

Given what you've said, I have no reason or basis to object to the very
reasonable requirement that that a suggestion to change the particulars
of the current vetting process should (and must) follow the established
process.  And I do not object to doing that.  And you're absolutely right
that everyone should have a fair chance to comment on any such suggestion.

So I'll persue the formal route and the formal and established process.
I can do no other.

The only other comment that I have at the moment is that I find you comments
most helpfully clarifying.  Perhaps I should have already realized it, but
I did not actually realize until now that ARIN actually had an established
or formal "position on reviewing organizational incorporation papers".

Would it be in any sense inaccurate to say that ARIN's established position
in this instance is simply:  "We don't do that" ?

I only ask, because, if I'm going to submit a formal "suggestion" to -change-
the current ARIN position, I should probably at least make myself aware of
what the current postion actually is.


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