[arin-ppml] Solving the squatting problem

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Fri May 17 01:14:12 EDT 2019

> David Farmer wrote :
> Do you think squatting is something new? You have got to be joking!
> Read RFC 1627, particularly near the bottom of page 3.

I have. You are kind of making my point, actually.
I was merely reacting to the fact that this whole thing started with prop 266, and that people behind it conveniently pushed their agendas about hijacking pretending to ignore squatting.

Squatting is not new, but here is a new squatting : people who squat entire and possibly multiple class As of DoD space and they know exactly what they are doing. If you have followed the prop 266 thread, the name of the game is now which DoD block do I squat, is it 30/8 or 11/8 or whatever. The game is no longer to squat or not to squat; the game is now which one to squat is the less risky.
This was not common practice when RFC 1627 was written. Nowadays it is, and we have collectively missed something. This is no longer a case of people who are doing it because they did not read the RFC; this is what everyone is doing because that's the way it is. De-facto disgrace, instead of the de-jure standard we could have had.

> But, the devil is getting that consensus for this.

Point well taken. As I said, I give up. This was not my fight in the first place.

> Scott Leibrand wrote :
> But now that you mention it: would it be easier to patch all your gear to support 240/4, or enable IPv6, for internal comms?

100 times easier to patch to support 240/4. I actually don't need it, 10/8 is enough for me; but the next step is 30/8, if you ever doubted it.

You don't get the point : the fact that 240/4 is not easy is what will push me to squat, if it comes to that. IPv6 is not even part of the picture. Like it or not, it is still not part of it for 75% of the Internet, and that is after 20 years. I was on the Internet before Facebook existed. The Internet is not Facebook.

You fail to realize that people are squatting for a reason : it's by far the easiest path; all of the alternatives are financially impossible.

I have a deal for you : want me to implement IPv6 ? I'm all for it. Come do the job, for free. I have other priorities. None of my customers have IPv6, none of my suppliers have IPv6, my current transit provider does not offer it. You are playing the same broken record that I have been hearing for the last 20 years.


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