[arin-ppml] Advisory Council Recommendation Regarding NRPM 4.1.8. Unmet Requests

Tom Fantacone tom at iptrading.com
Thu May 16 10:01:17 EDT 2019

At 06:18 PM 5/15/2019, John Curran wrote:
>On 15 May 2019, at 2:47 PM, Tom Fantacone <tom at iptrading.com> wrote:
> > If we remove the waiting list activity of this one fraudster, how much
> > "statistically likely" fraud is left?
> > Was this one bad actor so bad that he accounted for almost all the likely
> > fraud on the waiting list?
> > Do we still even have a waiting list problem?
>Approximately half of the address blocks that were received from the 
>waiting list and subsequently transferreed are affiliated with MICFO entities.

That's a lot of addresses and a high percentage of all waiting list 
allocations.  The genesis of ARIN suspending the waiting list and 
requesting/recommending changes to it to prevent fraud was the 
appearance of  "likely fraud" based on the behavior of a small 
handful of bad actors robbing the waiting list of a large number of 
addresses.  Am I right to assume that there was really one bad actor 
(with a handful of bad aliases)?

Obviously ARIN cannot state with certainty that there is no other 
fraud on the list, but if Micfo and its entities had never done what 
they did, would ARIN have even seen a problem with the waiting list?

John Sweeting's presentation of suspected waiting list abuse is here:

If virtually all this misbehavior was this one guy, and he's been 
stopped, do we still want to change the waiting list system and hurt 
the overwhelming majority of honest players?

> > Perhaps we still want to take strong measures to prevent this from
> > happening in the future, but before making that determination, I'd like
> > to know the answers to the above
> >
> > And on a related note, can anyone at ARIN tell us the total aggregate
> > space that is currently being requested on the waiting list?
>The entire waiting list is available here - 

Thanks, John.  I was looking for totals but the list was easy enough 
to import into a spreadsheet and tally up.  By my count the space 
being requested totals to roughly 825K addresses, and about 775K is 
the "minimum acceptable size" total.  The 500K addresses ARIN is 
reclaiming will go a long way in satisfying that demand.

Are any of the existing waiting list requests from Micfo entities or 
have those already been scrubbed?

>John Curran
>President and CEO
>American Registry for Internet Numbers

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