[arin-ppml] Of interest?

Brian Reid reid at mejac.palo-alto.ca.us
Wed May 15 16:00:32 EDT 2019

When I applied last Fall for ARIN resources including an AS (issued as 
AS397138) they required significant documentation of my business and a 
copy of my business license. The City of Palo Alto had issued a business 
license marked "Reid    Brian", which was good enough to open a bank 
account, but the ARIN employee with whom I was dealing was a stickler 
for detail and wanted clarification as to which were first and last 
names; I asked the city to re-issue it with a comma in there (Reid, 
Brian), which they did. My ARIN-issued ORG-ID remained RB-365 even 
though it ought to have been BR-365. But no one felt there was a 
possibility for fraud in the character sequence of my ORG-ID.

Clearly there are policies being enforced right now. Perhaps they need a 
little tweaking, but there is definitely some filtering taking place.

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