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Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue May 14 23:02:38 EDT 2019

In message <11C718A6-BCF0-44B8-9F82-A994189DF9C5 at arin.net>, 
John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

>You seek an express determination that inherently judicial in nature from
>ARIN; i.e. from a mere technical coordination body.

Not really.  I seek an acceptance of what, apparently, the duly constituted
arbitration panel already found in this case.  I understand that the panel
may not have said so explicitly, but the judement is clear. This guy is
a crook and guilty of fraud.

But I understand why you, Ryan, and everyone would prefer to wait until
we can all see the video of the perp walk, with the guy in handcuffs and
and an orange jumpsuit befoer taking this the next step.  I just don't
happen to feel that waiting for that is or should be necessary.  From my
reading of the relevant documents, there isn't really a whole hell of a
lot of ambiguity here, especially given the on-the-record testamony in
the South Carolina case that this guy comitted fraud.

But yea, if you and Ryan did actually refer this matter out... as you most
certainly should have done... then I suppose that it will be orange jumpsuit
time soon enough.  The Feds don't always move that fast, but mail fraud
and wire fraud tend to get them motivated and moving.

>Alas, I'll have to manage with that which is simply available to me as
>John Curran   It is likely insufficient for the job of Internet Emperor
>which you seem to be strongly advocating for, but
>should be enough to keep ARIN, a mere Regional Internet Registry, running
>in a fair and equitable manner.

John, I did not, have not, and will not criticise -you- for the specific
ills that I have here bemoaned.  Rather, I hold all and -only- the entire
ARIN membership to account for what I feel is a lack of agressive policy
for dealing with such kinds of crooks as the one featured in today's press

You, in contrast, are doing exactly what I would hope and expect from any
good executive branch, i.e. you are faithfully carrying out the will of
the legislature, which in this case is the whole ARIN membership.  They
made the policy, or lack thereof, not you, and I am ever mindful of that.

And no, I do not wish a Caesar, and that should be evident from my prior
implied praise of men who were the very opposite of Caesar... men like
Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison.  (Well, maybe not
Hamilton, but you get the idea.)

I hope for courageous and self-effacing leadership, without the kinds of
over-excessive concerns for one's own private and petty personal interests
that seem so often to be the driving force in ARIN policy debates.  But
to be clear, I hope for this leadership to emerge from the membership,
who are and who rightly should be the makers of policy.


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