[arin-ppml] Of interest?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue May 14 22:30:25 EDT 2019

In message <4FE51090-A108-420F-B454-FC16DA28789C at arin.net>, 
John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

>One cannot predict the behavior of criminals, but we have indeed
>demonstrated a very real risk of consequences for attempting such acts.

A minute, John, if you please.

As I understand it, this guy has now been ordered, by a judge, to give
back everything he stole.... except of course for the stuff that he
can't give back, because he already fenced it to overseas buyers and
thus, THAT stuff apparently... and for reasons that I personally am
none too clear on... cannot be retrieved.  Is that approximately a
correct reading of the current situation?

If so, then that's Good.  That's very good.  And if you and your staff
were here, the drinks would be on me.

Also, as I understand it, this guy has now been ordered, by a judge,
to give you folks something on the order of $350,000.00 USD to fully
cover ARIN's legal bills.  This is also good, and that's definitely going
to make the guy wince.

But as I noted earler, in the transcript of the TRO hearing on this matter
ARIN's counsel, Steve Ryan, is on record as saying, in effect, that this
fraud netted the guy something in excess of $10 million, presumably derived
from the sale of the ill-gotten IP blocks that he sold to the Saudis and
the Chinese.

Math was never my strong suit in school, but isn't $10 million rather a
bit more than $350 thousand?  In other words, ain't this guy still gonna
come out WAAAAAAY ahead on the whole deal, even after he pays ARIN's
legal fees?

If these are the "consequences" that ARIN is currently dishing out to
anyone who engages in this kind of funny business, then I have only one
more question:  Where do I sign up?

I can say without hesitation that *I* would like to be in the receiving end
of these kinds of consequences also.


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