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...Kind of makes you wonder...   Could the profits from "Bona-fide
purchasers outside
of ARIN region" by the fraudsters  have exceeded what they were ordered to pay?

If we had the numbers it would be easy enough to calculate. There were 735,000 addresses involved. Roughly 20,000 of them (~3%) needed to be transferred at $18 each to break even on the $350,000 ordered payment. How many did ARIN decide not to reclaim because the recipients did not appear to be part of the fraud? If it was more than 3% then you could reasonably say the guy got away with it.

Indeterminate.    The payment to ARIN (offsetting legal costs we incurred) was simply one element of costs involved – there obviously would have been legal costs incurred by the other party, and the arbiter decision only resolves the ARIN aspect of the matter; it does not speak to any other implications (civil or criminal) and the associated costs.


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