[arin-ppml] BGP Hijacking Definition

Hank Nussbacher hank at efes.iucc.ac.il
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On 06/05/2019 17:09, Keith W. Hare wrote:



> Töma,
> Prop-266 uses the phrase "BGP hijacking" but does not define it. Without a careful definition of "BGP hijacking", it is not possible to define the difference between intentional and accidental hijacking.
> Keith
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>> If an organization uses a IPv4 prefix allocated/assigned
>> to some other organization (the DoD for example)
>> within their internal network and filters out all references
>> at the edges of their network so that the general public
>> never sees any references, is that BGP Hijacking?
> The prop-266 establishes a difference between intentional and
> occasional hijacking.
> Now, consider a case when a Chinese ISP accidentally leaks 30/8 away.
> Imagine the newspaper headlines next morning, given that 30/8 is
> formally allocated to the DoD.
> Imagine Joe Sixpacks talking about the issue, treating that as a
> direct violent attack against the DoD, almost (if almost) an act of
> war.
> After that, consider the PR consequences when ARIN (APNIC etc.)
> decides that was accidental and thus just fine.
> This is one of the scenarios that makes me worry the most: exposing
> the cute and simple network address registry to all sorts of
> politicians with their ambitions.
> --
> Töma
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