[arin-ppml] [EXT] Re: Open Petition for ARIN-prop-266: BGP Hijacking is an ARIN Policy Violation

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sat May 4 15:08:17 EDT 2019

In message <508D6C0E-D112-41F3-8109-5F3B7656DF4F at mwtcorp.net>, 
Larry Ash <lar at mwtcorp.net> wrote:

>This is totally out of bounds and name calling. I ask the arin staff remove
>this person from the list.

I concur.

There are serious issues being discussed here, upon which serious people
may have legitimately different viewpoints, based on their individual
knowledge, experience, and concerns.  And it is perfectly possible to
express -all- viewpoints on these matters without personally denegrating
individuals, questioning their motives, or attributing to them any
malevolent intent.

Personalized attacks which have nothing whatever to do with the substance
of the proposal on the table do nothing to advance the discussion, and
indeed impede it.


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