[arin-ppml] [EXT] Re: Open Petition for ARIN-prop-266: BGP Hijacking is an ARIN Policy Violation

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Sat May 4 14:28:11 EDT 2019

On 4 May 2019, at 1:13 PM, Hank Nussbacher <hank at efes.iucc.ac.il<mailto:hank at efes.iucc.ac.il>> wrote:

You're barking up the wrong tree here. ARIN can't exercise any authority the network operators don't consent to it exercising. It's that simple... and that complicated. You have to convince a usefully large number of network owners that they SHOULD cede ARIN new authority in this matter.

Can you point me at the document or standard that the network operators hereby granted ARIN the authority to allocate IP addresses?  I must have missed that.

Hank -

You’ve got it backwards…  ARIN operates a registry, and network operators _choose_ to use it.

Operators are under no obligation to make use of it, but it is true that use of the Internet Number Registry System provides networks operators a huge convenience (e.g. you don’t have to call the fifty thousand other entities routing on the Internet in order to determine the next available unused prefix...)   The "network effects” that result from this wide scale adoption are quite significant, and as such ARIN must take particular care in making sure that the obligations placed on parties using the registry are viewed as both relevant and necessary by the network operator community.


John Curran
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