[arin-ppml] [EXT] Re: Open Petition for ARIN-prop-266: BGP Hijacking is an ARIN Policy Violation

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Fri May 3 16:07:35 EDT 2019

On Fri, May 3, 2019 at 2:31 PM Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com>

> In message <CAN-Dau2QMY1sBZzC52VOpGAON=
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> David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu> wrote:
> >The proponents of this proposal want you to think this proposal
> >only affects hijackers. That is not the case, this proposal affects anyone
> >who operates a router. It puts anyone who operates a router in jeopardy of
> >losing their Internet resources, for possibly something as innocent as
> >making a typo in their router config.
> I am quite completely sure that this is *not* the intent.

I'm quite sure that is not the intent also. I know for a fact that Jordi
and Carlos are really trying to help this situation. However, in my
opinion, the effect is "it puts anyone who operates a router in jeopardy of
losing their Internet resources, for possibly something as innocent as
making a typo in their router config."

> I also believe that the proposal takes pains to try to treat separately,
> and very differently, cases involving innocent mistakes and cases involving
> very deliberate and willful actions.

I disagree, I don't see enough, for instance, what is the standard of
evidence needed for a finding; "beyond a reasonable doubt", "preponderance
of the evidence", or something else?

> The latter can generally be distinguished from the former via the passage
> of time.  If an operator has been duly notified that he/she/it is
> announcing
> a route that he/she/it shouldn't be, and if there is no change after the
> passage of a number of days, then and only then does there even begin to
> be some basis for further investigation to determine if the announcement is
> deliberate and not just a "fat fingers" error.

Maybe it can be distinguished, but how much time has to laps with you
ignoring ARIN before ARIN takes away your resources? An hour, a day, a
week, a month, 90 days?

Furthermore, the proposal is much more a process than it is a policy.

> Regards,
> rfg

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