[arin-ppml] prop266 - re-framing the discussion

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Thu May 2 20:45:15 EDT 2019

> Tal, Guy wrote :
> Did someone invoke my presence? Or are you talking about Trust Anchor Locator?

We need you to install yourself on popular RPKI software distributions :P

> Carlos Friaças wrote :
> That's really news to me.
> As long as you don't announce it to other networks i don't see an issue.

Carlos, what you want is a double standard. On one hand you want ARIN to punish hijacking, and on the other one you want ARIN to tolerate squatting.

How do we give a clear definition of hijacking without mentioning squatting ? There are limits to hypocrisy. We just don't define squatting ? And if we define squatting, how do we justify punishing hijacking and ignoring squatting ? This is not a new thing.

ARIN allocates resources for exclusive use. How can we say that hijacking is bad, but look the other way for squatting ?
Can we even separate the two ? It all comes back to someone using resources that have been assigned to someone else.

Maybe you should go out in the real world a little more. I have been asked several times which of the DoD blocks was "best" to use. The question was not "Is it ok to use a DoD block internally". The question was "We know it's dumb, but we are doing it anyway. Which one do we start with, 22/8 or 30/8".
Why not ask ARIN to answer that question, too, while you are at it ?


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