[arin-ppml] prop266 - re-framing the discussion

John Santos john at egh.com
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On 5/2/2019 06:26 PM, Tal, Guy wrote:
> Did someone invoke my presence? Or are you talking about Trust Anchor Locator? 😊

Probably.  About half way down the third page of the Google search 
results for "TAL networking", I found a reference to 

People, this discussion is hard enough to follow without dropping 
obscure, undefined acronyms...

> Guy
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> What is TAL?  Google search is useless, so don't tell me to look it up.
> On 5/2/2019 06:09 PM, Carlos Friaças via ARIN-PPML wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just a small note to say that i completely agree with you regarding
>> the TAL issue.
>>>  From a global perspective, and to aid in RPKI deployment, the TAL
>>> issue
>> needs to be solved...
>> Regards,
>> Carlos
>> On Thu, 2 May 2019, Michel Py wrote:
>>>> Scott Leibrand wrote :
>>>> But if we do decide we want ARIN to create acceptable standards of
>>>> conduct with regard to routing, and fine resource holders who
>>>> violate it, under threat of resource revocation if those fines
>>>> aren't paid, there will need to be a *lot*
>>> A *LOT* indeed
>>>> of work done to set up such a system so that it doesn't risk ARIN
>>>> picking a legal fight it's going to lose, and putting the entire
>>>> registry at risk.
>>> I agree.
>>> And there is no such thing as zero risk with things that have not
>>> been tried in court before, so whatever new standard we create has to
>>> be absolutely airtight from a legal point of view. I find myself in
>>> an ironic position defending this, as I said in the past that ARIN
>>> was too paranoid about legal liability, but that is not the same risk
>>> factor than the TAL.
>>> And the fine has to be significant, or they'll pay it, which favors
>>> the rich.
>>> Michel.
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