[arin-ppml] [EXT] Re: Open Petition for ARIN-prop-266: BGP Hijacking is an ARIN Policy Violation

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Thu May 2 16:27:13 EDT 2019

On May 2, 2019, at 3:06 PM, Carlos Friaças <cfriacas at fccn.pt> wrote:
> John,
> Thanks for clarifying!
> I'm biased by the RIPE NCC process, where everything reverts back to before the agreement was signed, service-wise

Note that ARIN is the successor registry to the InterNIC and was formed specifically so that those in the region could have a voice in the policies by which the registry is administered (as opposed to being subject to policy that was specified by a USG agency.)

For more than two decades, ARIN has provided the same basic registration services to legacy resource holders - absent any requirement to enter into an agreement or pay a fee.  Our registry policies apply to the entire registry and all legacy resource holders have open participation in our policy development processes.

Legacy holders who enter an RSA get to pay reduced fees and have specific terms and conditions (which include the ability to exit the agreement and retain resources in some conditions if ARIN fails to perform), but only those under a registration services agreement have specific terms of service.


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