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As said before, I’m fine if the RIRs don’t want to take actions, but they must have clear rules (policy text) that allows the victims to claim by other means if they wish. This is a way for the RIR to not get involved, but still facilitate the protection of the member’s rights.

Jordi -

To be clear, ARIN customers are issued number resources with very specific rights (see section 2 of the RSA) but all of those rights relate to their number resources in the ARIN registry.  We have clear enforcement of those rights; i.e. if you believe that someone has somehow appropriated your number resources in the ARIN registry, please contact us and we’ll promptly investigate and correct.

You reference some additional “member rights” with regard to routing of issued number resources, but I note that enforcing such rights over routing cannot occur unless/until the community specifically provides for their existence.

ARIN doesn’t (presently) constrain by contract how customers issue routes for their number resources, nor does it constrain how customers process routes received from other networks – as it has historically been the view that such a role lies outside the scope of ARIN’s mission.  ARIN cannot provide for protection of your purported routing rights until those rights are well defined & enforceable, and I would recommend some deep consideration by the community about the implications of any such change.


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