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Thu Jul 25 15:16:33 EDT 2019

> The AC has abandoned the following Draft Policy:
> * ARIN-2019-6: Longer Hold Time Requirements for 4.1.8 Recipients
> Regarding Draft Policy ARIN-2019-6, the AC provided the following statement:
> "At its regular monthly meeting on July 18th, the ARIN Advisory Council voted unanimously to abandon ARIN-2019-6, "Longer Hold Time Requirements for 4.1.8 Recipients”.
> The sense of the AC was that in the wake of April's emergency policy recommendation in response to the January suspension of the waitlist (which revised the hold time for address space received via 4.1.8 waitlist to 5 years), this policy proposal had been overtaken by events.  The author agreed, stating that it was his intention to stimulate discussion about longer hold times than the existing 12 months, and that he didn’t have strong opinions about how long such hold times ought to be, only that a year was not long enough.  Additionally, in the Staff and Legal review it was noted that the proposed policy statement has awkward interactions with the revised NRPM as it is currently worded as of Version 2019.2 of 10 July 2019.
> Members of the community who strongly believe that the 5 year hold time for address space received via 4.1.8 waitlist ought to be some other interval are encouraged to submit a new policy proposal that addresses the language in the current NRPM."
> Anyone dissatisfied with this decision may initiate a petition. The deadline to begin a petition will be five business days after the AC's draft meeting minutes are published.

The minutes from the ARIN Advisory Council's 18 July 2019 meeting have 
been published:


The petition deadline for Draft Policy ARIN-2019-6 is 30 July (in five 
calendar days).

For more information on starting and participating in petitions, see PDP 
Petitions at: 

Draft Policy and Proposal texts are available at:


Sean Hopkins
Policy Analyst
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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