[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2019-8 Clarification of Section 4.10 for Multiple Discrete Networks

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Mon Jul 15 15:03:14 EDT 2019

I am opposed.

This space is to allow IPv6 networks access to IPv4 resources so that the 
users on these networks can connect to IPv4 resources.

Current practice for CGnat generally use a block of 4.10 IPv4 resources to 
provide such interconnect for many /64 networks.  Giving them a /21 to be 
able to have a CGnat at each site does not seem a good use of this block. 
This is more than what was proposed for the regular waiting list, limited 
to a /22. The goal of the block is for IPv4 connectivity until a future time 
when IPv4 is no longer the primary transport on the internet.  It was 
intended to be a shared block, and not one where each user could have 
their own IPv4 address.

Albert Erdmann
Network Administrator
Paradise On Line Inc.

On Mon, 15 Jul 2019, Owen DeLong wrote:

> Hello, everyone.
> The AC is currently considering this draft policy which would provide for Multiple Discrete Networks to be able to get more than one block under 4.10 for up to 8 discrete sites within a six month period.
> So far, there has been little comment on the list. The AC would like to encourage feedback whether positive or negative in nature about this proposal (though always constructive in any case).
> Thanks,
> Owen
> Proposal text:
> Problem Statement:
> Currently, applicants for IPv4 resources under section 4.10 of the NRPM who do so under a single OrgID of the NRPM may only obtain one /24 every six months for the OrgID, even in the case where multiple discrete networks (MDNs) as defined in section 4.5 of the NRPM are grouped under that OrgID. On the other hand, where MDNs are held under different OrgIDs associated the same entity, the six-month constraint would apply to each discrete network separately. This results in unfair allocations of resources based solely on how entities choose to associate MDNs with their OrgIDs. This policy rectifies that problem by placing MDNs on an equal footing for the purpose of section 4.10 allocations regardless of how they are grouped by OrgID by the same ultimate entity.
> Policy Statement:
> Bullet 1. under section 4.10 of the NRPM is amended to read:
> the applicant may not have received resources under this policy in the preceding six months, except to the extent that the applicant is r
> equesting resources for a discrete network in respect of which it has not received any resources under this policy in the preceding six months;
> Add a new bullet 6 that reads:
> An applicant requesting multiple allocations under this policy to support Multiple Discrete Networks, as defined under Section 4.5, may not receive more than the equivalent of a /21 of IPv4 address space in any one six-month period hereunder.
> Timetable for Implementation: Immediate
> Anything Else:
> To what extent should the passage of this policy be contingent or independent of whether any ultimate cap is imposed on the total quantity of IPv4 resources that an entity can obtain under section 4.10 regardless of the number of OrgIDs associated with the entity or number of MDNs it holds.
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