[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2019-2: Waiting List Block Size Restriction

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Wed Feb 27 16:13:47 EST 2019

In message <20190227072329.GA64618 at gweep.net>, 
Joe Provo <ppml at rsuc.gweep.net> wrote:

>ARIN has long provided NDAs (cf https://www.arin.net/resources/agreements/)
>to cover (among many other things) justification data that is commonly
>considered confidential matters for businesses. Off the top of my head,
>business plans/projections/territory expansion, customer/usage data, 
>infrastructure detail, etc.

Was I in any way unclear?  It would appear that I may have been, so please
permit me to clarify.

I *do not* want anyone's confidential information.  I have not asked for
a sneek peek at anyone's business plans, expansion plans, customer or
usage data, or indeed -anything- that would be or might be convered under
any sort of NDA.

The assertion has been put forward that certain IP address blocks have
been awarded to certain parties... a very public act, not subject to
any sort of NDA... and that some such blocks have later been reassigned
or transfered to other parties, as part of what appears to be a sizable
scheme to violate the spirit of current ARIN policies and procedures,
even if not also the letter of those policies and procedures.  Such
transfers or reassignements are also, I believe, matters of public record.

With regards s to ARIN"s operations and the things it does for its members,
e.g. awarding and later ressigning or transfering IP blocks, there is a
clear bright line that separates private information from public information. 

I have requested only information that falls squarely into the latter category.


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